Grow Healthy Trees in Asheville, NC

Grow Healthy Trees in Asheville, NC

Schedule tree pruning services to promote tree growth

Did you know that proper tree pruning increases the life expectancy and overall health of your trees? It also reduces the probability of a tree falling due to natural disasters. Clear Cut Tree Services provides professional tree pruning services in Asheville, NC. When done the right way, tree pruning can be very beneficial to your trees.

Tree pruning is a science that requires the proper technique. Because many trees are located in urban areas, they require more attention. Mother Nature simply doesn’t work as efficiently as we would expect. Our crew has the skills and experience necessary to offer tree pruning services that will extend the life of your trees. Call now to schedule tree pruning services for your Asheville, NC property.

4 ways that we prune trees

There are a few techniques that we use to properly prune trees. The techniques we use always depend on the tree’s needs. Our tree pruning services include:

  1. Cleaning: Removes dead and dying branches
  2. Elevating or rising: Removes the lowest branches to provide a higher clearance
  3. Thinning: Removes select branches to improve structure of tree and promote wind flow, light penetration and growth
  4. Reduction: Reduces the size of the tree in order to allow for utility line clearance

We can recommend which tree pruning service will benefit your trees. Call Clear Cut Tree Services to schedule your tree pruning service in Asheville, NC today.